A warm summer night, millions of stars in the sky. Picture yourself camping in the wild, knowing that the adventure of your life has just begun.

Be careful what you’re dreaming of…

We spontaneously booked flight tickets to Australia on my birthday. A few weeks later, we landed on the other side of the globe no clue what to do next. Eventually, we decided to look for a cheap car rental, we’ve got just enough money for some modest vehicle  and an ice-cream.

In a sleepy and dusty car rental on the outskirts of Sydney we found what we’ve been looking for: an old beaten van which you had to enter via the trunk. We fell in love on the spot, it was a car with a soul and stories to tell… We could see her name on the license plate – Mr BIG, a big hearted guy who made our lives change forever

camper van spain portugal surfcamper.eu
Photo: Surfcampers on the road

Not thinking twice, we’ve signed all the papers and got the keys. Due to the lack of better ideas, we went to the beach. Beach is always a good idea. We run straight into the ocean, welcomed the water that surrounded us. We enjoyed warm strokes of sun on our faces, dug our fingers into hot sand. The time stopped.

Driven by the moment, we decided to clean up the van and make it our home. We  have realised that Mrs BIG needed a new life…and so did we. This thought made us peaceful and calm as we felt we’ve found our calling.

We called up our australian friends to share this revelation and our happiness. As they understood the magnitude of our plans, they were quick to help and find all the missing equipment: military mattress, turistic retro fridge and half-full gas stove from their last trip. The van changed into cozy apartment with a private view on many sunsets and sunrises. We were set to go!

History of surfcampers - commemorative photography

Photo: Commemorative photo from Australia with Mr. Big

What next? How could we continue living our Campervan dream?

The adventure that spontaneously has started in Australia continues till this day. The virus of camper life is spreading and our van-life family growing rapidly. After coming back to our home in Poland we couldn’t settle into a regular life. The office job became exhausting, the view from the windows was not right, city life was working on our nerves. Few weeks passed by until we made a decision – we’re making van like Mr BIG.

We’ve collected all our travel experience and created a camper which was a perfect home for us. On one day, we closed all our affairs, packed up and left to travel across Europe to look for our place on Earth. Eventually, we fell in love in Andalusia and settled here. This is the place were our business was born, and the whole van family.

SURF CAMPERS- portugal trip spain trip van
Photo: Camper van SURFCAMPERS

Are you living your life to the fullest? Dare to chase your dream.

Don’t be afraid to dream and taste the freedom. Think of the taste of your favourite cake, the first day of holidays after long year of work. Think of the Sun and the Sea. Let go of your everyday life and listen to yourself. Don’t analize, just book a camper. We are going to welcome you with a big hug and home made sandwiches. We will share our stories and reveal our secret spots to you. We will tell you where to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother or father.

It’s your trip, your rules. This is your story. Take what you need from this trip: craziness, peace, time together, discoveries, inspiration. Wake up to the sound of the sea, take a coffee with a first row beach view. Take the trip in, all the smells, feelings and views. It is going to stay with you forever.

South Portugal trip
Photo: The coast of Portugal – Algarve
travel visit spain van
Photo: Me, in Portugal on the cliff

You can rent our camper in Spain and Portugal, we offer pick ups from Lisbon, Faro, Tarif, Sevilla and Malaga. Booking procedure is super simple, just go on the page and follow the steps. There are no hidden conditions.

Campers are easy to drive and therefore perfect for your first trip. We welcome everyone, also young drivers who often experience difficulties with renting a car.

We’re flexible and we understand importance of every hour of your holidays. That’s why we can pick you up not only from the airport but also from a hotel, bus station or a city centre

Surfcamper Spain rent camper
Photo: Camper van SURFCAMPERS

Easy drive, easy use campervan. Surfcampers.

Our campers are designed to surprise! We focused on the functionality however, the design and atmosphere are very important to us too. Camper has a wooden floor and finishing. Good quality textiles and accessories all in warm hygge style. It also has an additional accu which will allow you to skip camping facilities and camp wild (what we absolutely love to do!).

Camper offers stylish and functional lighting: you can read a book or just create a romantic atmosphere with it. Feel free to use fully equipped kitchen and beautiful cutlery to create that special meal. Due to its size it has a lower freeway and camping fare…it uses only 7.8 liters on 100 kilometers – super cheap! Our camper will surprise you with many other gadgets which are going to make your life easier.

surfcampers - camper van inside
Photo: Surfcampers van inside
surfcampers-interior camper van
Photo: Surfcampers camper van interior.

Free spirit, freedom, love, exploring, good vibes. Travel means life. The feeling of not knowing where you are going but knowing that you are on the good way. Trust the Universe and relax. You don’t need a plan, it will come to you. Keep close to nature. Let yourself laugh out loud. Smile to yourself, to the Moon, the Sun. Never stop chasing your dreams!

What’s your story?
Let’s start the adventure…feel it.

surfcampers trip van portugal
Photo: We are on the beach, Magda & Przemo.

by Magdalena Ciachera