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7 days road trip campervan from Malaga – by local guide

If you are adventurous as much as I do, you hide the wild nature in yourself and dream about freedom. Believe me, there is no better way to spend your holidays, as a journey – road trip by the campervan. Immediately comes to your mind the proximity of nature, mornings overlooking the beaches. Wind in […]


Campervan Hire Malaga – Campervan trip is the best way to explore Andalusia

| 20/06/2019 | Hiszpania

Campervan hire Malaga When travelling around Andalusia, there’s an outstanding spot to stop for a while: vibrant and lovely Malaga. Welcome to the land where the sun shines at least 300 days per year. A paradise for all road trips enthusiasts! No matter what time of the year you will choose to visit Malaga. The […]


9 TOP: The most beautiful places in Andalusia – Spain, which you can visit by a campervan, will help you create the best road trip plan for you. Ready for the adventure of life?

Long rides under the summer sunshine, beautiful beaches of Costa del Sol, majestic mountains… And you, with your campervan and freedom! Sounds great? If you search for road trip ideas, Andalusia is definitely one of the best travel destinations in Europe. Check it out! Rent a cheap campervan in Andalusia Our campervans are simply perfect […]


How your dreams can shape reality. The story of Surfcampers – creating business we love while living our dream

A warm summer night, millions of stars in the sky. Picture yourself camping in the wild, knowing that the adventure of your life has just begun. Be careful what you’re dreaming of… We spontaneously booked flight tickets to Australia on my birthday. A few weeks later, we landed on the other side of the globe […]