What do you see when you look out from behind your laptop screen? Most probably the interior of your flat or office. Maybe another building… Wouldn’t you like to exchange it for an ocean view and work remotely from Spain? With long-term campervan rental it’s possible!

If you have a remote job and you’re currently working from your flat, we will show you how to do this! Check out how you can combine remote work and life in a surf village. Rent a campervan in Spain and join our gang!

How remote working looks like in a campervan?

Living in a campervan and working remotely gives you a lot of freedom. You can change the locations and easily visit new places. However, you also have to organise your work properly and adjust the working space to your needs. Here are the places where we work while living in a campervan:

1. Working remotely in the campervan

Inside of the campervan there is a couch and a table, which you can use as your desk and put your laptop, coffee and notebook on it. If you want to be completely independent you can rent an additional 220V power bank from us. It uses solar energy so you can charge your battery in the van. If you need the internet you can also rent a router.

2. Working remotely from local coffee houses

We know places in the neighbourhood that have just the right atmosphere for working and of course a very good internet 😉 Working in coffee houses makes it possible to spend time among the local community and meet new people.

3. Working remotly in coworking spaces

Sometimes, if we need a super quick internet for video conferences or just a proper place to concentrate we rent desks in coworking spaces. It costs between 5€ and 10€ per day.

What do we do after work?

Long-term living and working in a campervan in Spain is a great adventure. Imagine waking up every day with an ocean view, going for a run on the beach and surfing during the break. You don’t need vacation anymore!

However, the real fun starts after work. We are doing horse riding trips on the beach, going for mountain bike rides, doing hikes on the cliffs and taking kitesurfing lessons. And in the evening we are chilling in local beach bars admiring the amazing sunsets. 

Offer for long-term campervan rental in Spain

Due to a big interest in long-term campervan rental we prepared an offer for all the interested ones which includes:

1. Special price

From November till the end of March we prepared special prices for long-term rentals. You can rent a campervan from 35€ per day. The minimum number of days is 30 and the camper can be picked up in Malaga, Sevilla or Faro. 

2. Community of campervan people that work remotely

While working remotely from your campervan you can meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world, make new friendships and get new inspirations. Sometimes those connections are the beginning of great projects and new cooperations!

3. Our local knowledge

You will get from us a campervan guide of the neighbourhood which includes all our secret spots, from perfect wild camping places through best coffee houses to hidden surf beaches.

4. Contacts and discounts

We will also give you contacts to coworking spaces, surfing schools, gear rentals, which we cooperate with. Thanks to being part of the SurfCampers gang you will get a discount. 

Working remotely by the ocean

Does living by the ocean sound interesting to you? Change your flat for a home on wheels and enjoy the Spanish sun in winter. The adventure is waiting for you! We already experienced it and invite you to join our van and beach life world!

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: https://forms.gle/Gtw9j4T9Y6TeSg61A

by Magdalena Ciachera