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When travelling around Andalusia, there’s an outstanding spot to stop for a while: vibrant and lovely Malaga. Welcome to the land where the sun shines at least 300 days per year. A paradise for all road trips enthusiasts!

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No matter what time of the year you will choose to visit Malaga. The city will always welcome you warmly with charming summer vibes.
However, its magic is not only about wonderful sunshine and beautiful beaches. Delightful food and a number of historical treasures waiting for you to discover. Attractions of Malaga are truly special: here you will have a chance to explore the heritage of Pablo Picasso right at his birthplace! Moreover, as an arty place, in Malaga, there are also plenty of modern and contemporary museums. That will surely occur fascinating not only for art enthusiasts. If you love seafood, we have excellent news for you – Malaga is famous for its heavenly delights! Having an amazing dinner with a view over paradisiacal scenery and a glass of Sangria. This will definitely be the moment to enjoy the best vibes of your road trip in Andalusia.

malaga, view for Malaga city
Photo: View of Malaga

Camper RV in Malaga – explore the amazing attractions

If you wish to explore Costa del Sol to the fullest, figuring out the way of getting around is crucial to reach all of its best spots. Costa del Sol means “Coast of the sun”. But no matter, if you prefer to chill out on a beach, or rather to visit some fascinating historical spots, renting a campervan in Malaga. Will be a perfect idea to make sure that you will leave no stunning sights unseen!

One of the reasons for visiting Malaga is surely its historical side – the local cultural heritage was formed by Romans, Moores, Carthaginians and Christians. This mixture created one of the most interesting places in Spain that will amaze all visitors, not only history enthusiasts.

One of the iconic spots of Malaga is the Moorish fortress-palace. Visible from anywhere from the city as the major point of its charming landscape. The higher you climb up, it’s not getting worse. A walking trip to its top is a great idea for the evening and a chance to watch a spectacular sunset
above one of the most significant Spanish cities. Just a short step away there is a 2,500 years old Castillo de Gibralfaro. Once you walk down – a lovely Parque de Malaga. And of course, a stunning cathedral with lovely orange trees by the entrance, shedding a magical scent of juicy fruits. In this
the city you will not get bored!

But it’s not the end of attractions of Malaga: just moments later you will be able to try some delicious Spanish cuisine. Incredibly fresh tapas served in a tiny street of the old town. Aromatic paella tried at one of the excellent seafood restaurants in the marina will make your day with spectacular flavours.

Photo: Cathedral of Malaga, Spain

Transportation in Malaga – the best way to get around

Malaga and its spectacular neighbourhood offer enough entertainment for weeks of exploration, but if your time is limited, campervan hire might be the best step to take. By renting your own vehicle you will save plenty of time on reaching all the best things to see. Whether you need the extra speed to visit Ronda, Granada or any of the wonderful beaches of Costa del Sol, one of our comfortable vehicles might be at your disposal simply anytime!

Photo: campervan Surfcampers – campervan rental

Top places in Malaga – reach the best things to see

Having in mind that Malaga has a broad offer of attractions and entertainment, we’ve completed a guide to help you make the best choices for your campervan trip. Plan your route with the best things to see and make sure you will not miss any of the outstanding spots!


Malaga, except for historical and lovely dining spots, offers a number of natural wonders. One of them is Guadalhorce. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, it offers excellent conditions for hiking and enjoying the stunning landscape, what makes is a perfect, natural place to visit with your campervan.

Cathedral of Málaga

The Renaissance Cathedral of Malaga will be adorable not only for enthusiasts of sacral architecture. It’s also known as La Manquita, which means “the one-armed lady”, and is a real eye candy within a city’s landscape. But its magic is not only about history and architecture, but also it’s a lovely garden full of charming orange trees shedding a magical indulging aura.

Costa del Sol

A famous Spanish coast is a perfect place for anyone who loves lazy vibes on a beach, enjoying rays of sun on their skin and swimming in crystal-clear waters. But Costa del Sol offers much more than that – here you will find entertainment crafter for every need and taste. Amusement parks, sailing trips and plenty of other attractions are at your disposal right there!

Museo Picasso Málaga

When visiting a birthplace of Picasso, you cannot skip the museum dedicated to this world-renowned artist right where his story began! No matter if art is your cup of tea or rather not, still you should visit one of the top must-see places in Malaga. Watching more than 200 works of Picasso displayed in a stunning 16th -century castle surely sounds amazing.

Port of Málaga

Did you know that Port of Malaga is the oldest active seaport in Spain? However, it offers much more than just its intriguing historical background. You will fall in love with its typical marina charm – vibrant evenings in cosy restaurants, walking around the promenade and observing the spectacular transformation of sunset into a starry sky.

The Alcazaba & Gibralfaro

Malaga is famous for its two magnificent citadels seen from any spots of the city. The shining sun and heat should not stop you from climbing up their hills – on the way you will find plenty of soothing spots with shade and fountains where you can refresh yourselves for a while. Lush green plants and beautiful views around will let you enjoy not only the ruins of medieval castles but also unique Mediterranean vibes.

Campervan hire in Malaga – how to get around?

To get around Malaga conveniently and quickly, proper transportation is a must. No matter if you travel with your family or a group of friends, motorhome hire is a perfect way to enjoy yourselves. You can visit the most stunning places of Andalusia. Camper RV is not only the best option for a trip to Malaga. Also for exploring other spots around Andalusia. Read our tips and find out why renting a motorhome in Spain is an excellent idea:

Easy drive and park

One of the biggest advantages of our campers is the possibility to park it anywhere you wish – just as a regular car! Most importantly, with our vehicles, you will reach all of the tiny streets of Spanish cities and park everywhere with no difficulties. Even in city centres and right next to the best beaches of Costa del Sol, where regular campers usually are not allowed to enter.

Flexible locations. 24/7 pick up drop off

Our campers are perfect for all newbies and amateurs of road trips. They are tiny and as easy to navigate as regular cars, so no special driving skills are required. Moreover, you don’t need to travel with all your stuff to the rental agency – we will pick you from any place: your hotel, airport or any other place that you wish, so you can save lots of nerves and time.
We work 24h/7 days. You do not pay extra for non-standard hours of pick-up or drop-off campervan.

Budget campervan trip

No need to be afraid about extra travel expenses because our cars need exactly as much fuel as regular vehicles! Moreover, therefore when travelling with our campers, you will save a lot on accommodation. In our motorhomes, you will be able to sleep, cook and enjoy a well-equipped living area that will make you feel like home! You are still saving, because parking fares are cheaper for our cars than for regular campers. Most importantly, put your worries aside and enjoy travelling to the fullest. This is a budget campervan trip in Spain!

Cosy & smart interior

And that’s the best thing about travelling in a campervan: there’s nothing more exciting than being close to nature, staying wherever you feel like, exploring fantastic places and… watching the sparkling starts through an open rooftop of your car. We love details. You will find a lot of gadgets and cosy design in Surfcampers. Book one of our vehicles and get ready for exploring the vibes of a real campervan life!

Photo: Campervan for 2 person – SURFCAMPERS .

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Recommended locations around Malaga


When being so close to one of the best cities of Spain, the land of the breathtaking Alhambra castle nestled in the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. You simply cannot skip visiting Granada during your road trip to Malaga. Travelling with a camper is easy and convenient, and you will be able to fully explore this beautiful area.

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Granada, castel alehambra, camper trip, campervan rental spain
Photo: Granada Alhambra (1,5h from Malaga)


This small but iconic city is a real pearl of Andalusia. You cannot miss during your road trip in Spain. Come here to feel the unique atmosphere of the past centuries and admire the wonderful view over the mountains from the famous Puente Nuevo bridge! It’s easy to get there with a camper, as you can safely leave it 400m away from the bridge.

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Ronda, attractions Malaga Andalucia holiday
Photo: Ronda ( 1,5h from Malaga)

Caminito del Rey

This spot is definitely one of the most spectacular attractions of Andalusia. If you’re wondering how to plan your campervan trip in Spain. You simply cannot skip it! Following the walkway hung between rocks is one of the most thrilling things to do during your camper trip to Malaga.

Enjoying the beautiful nature with a camper is safe and easy, so don’t hesitate any more and plan your road trip now!

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Photo: Caminito del Rey – El Chorro (1hour from Malaga)

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by Magdalena Ciachera