Are you planning a trip to Spain and you are looking for the best kitesurfing spots in Andalusia? Well, you found them! I’m a kitesurfing instructor for 12 years now and living in Spain since 2016. Let me show you my favourite kitesurfing spots on the Andalusian coast.

  1. Club Kitesurfing Malaga
  2. Los Monteros
  3. Heaven Kitesurfing Spot
  4. Playa de Malmones
  5. Tarifa Los Lances
  6. Tarifa – Valdevaqueros
  7. Tarifa – Punta Paloma
  8. Los Canios de Meca
  9. Conil de la Frontera

1. Club Kitesurfing Malaga

The spot is located right next to the Malaga Airport. There is a special zone only for kitesurfers. Even on sunny days there is a place to prepare the equipment and to lay out the lines. At the spot there is a small kitesurfing school “Termiko Malaga” where you can always rent the necessary equipment or take additional classes. Club Kitesurfing Malaga is a pleasant spot with small waves – one of the best kitesurfing spots in Andalusia for beginners and slightly advanced kitesurfers.

WIND DIRECTION: kiting is possible when the wind comes from the east (levante) and west (poniette).

LEVEL: all levels

WHERE TO PARK: there is a large parking lot right next to the spot. You can easily prepare the equipment and change and prepare for a session in front of the car and then go to the beach.

FOOD: Right next to the spot there is a small restaurant called Chiringuito La Traviata Playa. You can buy there a cold beer or a coffee after swimming. The restaurant has a typical Spanish atmosphere. On windy days there are also a lot of skiers which makes the vibe of the place even better. 

SHOWER: there is also a shower on the beach next to spot.

2. Los Monteros

Very nice spot on the way to Tarifa. Many people living in the vicinity of Marbella go there. Right at the entrance to the water there are small stones but after two or three meters there is sand. The advantage of this spot in the summer season is a separate space on the beach for kitesurfers.

People who like waves will also have fun there. Perfect long and very safe, not breaking waves will allow them to dissolve and catch a good workout in front of Tarifa. Los Monteros is a spot with a beautiful view of Marbella and the mountains – one of my favourites before Tarfia.

WIND: kiting is possible when the wind comes from the east (levante) and west (poniette).

LEVEL: all levels.

WHERE TO PARK: you can get to the spot and the car park through a residential area. The car park is small and sometimes in good wind conditions you may have problems parking next to the beach. My suggestion is, drive to the end of it and if there is no space to park you can always leave your equipment on the beach and park a little bit further. There are always a lot of kitesurfers there.

FOOD IN THE AREA: There is no restaurant at the spot, there is only a small bar where you can buy drinks, beer, coffee and relax watching others on the water. If you are hungry we can recommend a very nice beach bar just 200 m from the spot on the left. It’s called Restaurante El Mangelate. There is also a shower next to it.

SHOWER: a shower is available at the spot.

3. Heaven Kitesurfing Spot

Another very good kitesurfing spot in Andalusia on the way to Tarifa. At the beginning it seems that the road is leading to nowhere, but after a few minutes you will enter a very cool spot. On windy days you will meet other kitesurfers there. The beach is a bit rocky.

WIND: thanks to its shape, the spots is good for kitesurfing at most wind conditions, except when the wind comes from the north. With any other directions you can easily kite on this beach.

LEVEL: all levels.

WHERE TO PARK: you can park right on the beach. From the car to the beach you have only 2-3m.

FOOD: right next to the spot there is a very nice Heaven Beach Club restaurant where you can eat good fish or Spanish dishes.

SHOWER: you have two showers at your disposal, one at the kite spot and the other at Heaven Beach Bar.

4. Playa de Palmones

Palmones is located around 28 km from Tarifa – in the direction of Algeciras. The beach is narrow and you have to be careful with rocks but the wind is usually steady. A river flows here into the sea so there is flat water. On this spot you can enjoy a beautiful view of Gibraltar and the port in Alegeciras.

WIND: this spot is a perfect alternative when Tarifa’s levante is too strong. Usually it works when Tarifa’s wind is over 30 knots.

LEVEL: all levels.

WHERE TO PARK: you can park next to spot. There are a lot of parking places around.

FOOD: in this area we have no place that we can recommend. For dinner we usually go to Tarifa’s old city.

SHOWER: there is a shower right at the spot. You can’t miss it.

5. Tarifa – Los Lances

Deffinitely one of the best kitesurfing spots in Andalusia. The beach is about 8 km long. It’s devided into Los Lances North and Los Lances South. The South part of the beach is just a swimming area during the high season. The whole beach of Los Lances is clean, without rocks, very wide and safe.

WIND: the wind conditions are perfect when there is poniente.

LEVEL: all levels.

WHERE TO PARK: unfortunately, you have to carry your equipment from the parking lot to the beach (about 800 m).

FOOD: we can recommend Pachamama Tarifa. They have very good burgers and steaks & a nice atmosphere with a swimming pool which you can use.

SHOWER: unfortunately, there are no showers at the spot.

6. Tarifa – Valdevaqueros

This beach is more narrow than Los Lances and you have to be careful with the rocks, which can be also found under the water. This is one of the most famous spots so during the summer it is crowded. However, it has a unique atmosphere which you can enjoy after the kite session – we especially recommend the Tumbao beach bar.

WIND: good conditions with levante and poniente

LEVEL: all levels

WHERE TO PARK: at the spot there is a large parking lot where you can park.

FOOD: on the spot right next to ION Club Tarifa is a small bar where you can eat very good burgers and salads.

SHOWER: there are toilets and a shower next to the car park and restaurant.

7. Tarifa – Punta Paloma

Punta Paloma is the last spot on this beach part. Perfect place, when it’s crowded on Valdevaqueros. You can just go towards Punta Paloma and enjoy the same amazing conditions in a less crowded place.

WIND: levante and poniente.

LEVEL: all levels.

WHERE TO PARK: there is a nice parking at the spot where you can also stay at night.

FOOD: there is a small beach bar on the beach – Volare Tarifa. Approximately 500 m towards Valdevaqueros you will find nice restaurant with good food called Chiringuito Tangana.

SHOWER: the nearest shower is next to Chiringuito Tangana.

8. Los Canios de Meca

Los Canios de Meca is also a good alternative for strong levante days in Tarifa. The beach is wide but there are some rocks. This spot is demanding but perfect for people who love to kitesurf on the waves – if the there is a good forecast and tide.

WIND: good conditions with strong levante.

LEVEL: intermediate – expert.

WHERE TO PARK: there is a nice parking with a shower. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for it but it’s very close to the spot and the restaurant where you can eat after swimming. Moreover, the parking fee will be deducted from your bill at the restaurant.

FOOD: after the kite session we usually eat at Bar Las Dunas.

SHOWER: there is a shower at the parking lot.

9. Conil de la Frontera

Thanks to its long and wide beaches, Conil de la Frontera offers perfect conditions for kitesurfing. There is also the Salado River, which on days with high tide (minimum 90), turns into a natural pool with flat water.

WIND: levante and poniente but the best one is poniente. The best wind in Conil is on-shore, constant and smooth. On stormy days with strong winds waves can reach 3 or 4 meters. Not suitable for beginners, but a lot of fun to jump.

LEVELS: lagoon for beginners & ocean with waves for experienced kitesurfers.

WHERE TO PARK: you can park in the parking lot next to the kite spot

FOOD: Conil is a very charming white town. After a good kite session, we suggest you to visit the center of the town. There are a lot of restaurants and bars.

SHOWER: There is a beach shower at the river side.

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