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Our passion for travelling, ultimate love for water sports and the never-ending pursue of chasing adventures has finally compelled us to action.
We have been on the quest of creating a perfect mean of transportation that would allow us to submerge into all the things that we are passionate about.
Whilst cruising throughout all the continents and looking for solutions and inspirations, we have gained invaluable experience and knowledge that were brainstormed into ideas.
From these concepts, combined with our passions -“Surf Camper” brand was born!
Our vehicles will take you anywhere- from the wild beaches, city centers of coolest towns, sleepy riversides to mystical forest pathways.
Park your home anywhere you want and venture off to museums, go for surfing or get dressed up and treat yourselves to some fine dining in the best restaurant in town. Why? Because you can!
Your imagination is the only limit! Our mobile homes are very spacious and practical so you can find a place for your sports gear, cook a meal on the back or sit inside with a cup of tea and read a book on the little comfortable couch!
“Surf Camper” is a perfect combination of a super practical camper and a normal passenger car, therefore anyone can drive it easily.
We would like to proudly invite you to experience your next wonderful adventure with us!
You will find “Surfcampers” multiple pick up spots in Seville, Faro, Malaga, Tarifa and Lisbon.
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Unlimited Km’s


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Cleaning Kit

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